Vision and Values


Empowerment of Maori and Pacific Island communities by creating a profitable and viable business model, which creates wealth, encourages education and employment as well as business opportunities locally, nationally and internationally


Professional(ism): adj. 1. belonging to a profession. 2. skilful, worthy of a professional
Training and providing specialists in delivering results of the highest attainable standard.

Respect: n. 1. admiration or esteem. 2. consideration. 3. (pl.) polite greeting. 4.v. feel or show respect for. At Connect Global we foster an environment whereby management and staff respect that internally and externally, individually we all have different skills, strengths, weaknesses and areas of expertise.

Integrity: n. honesty, decency, goodness, morality, trustworthiness, virtue.
Integrity in all things that we undertake is paramount.

Commitment: n.1. committing. 2. obligation or pledge, state of being involved in this. Our commitment is to our customers, staff, management and stakeholders. What we commit is support, encouragement, safety, an environment to succeed and excellence in all things we undertake.

Team Work: n. combined effort, cooperation. Together we can make a difference - a problem shared is a problem halved. Our culture and ambience will encourage teamwork within and synergies when working with our customers.

Customer Focus: n. person buying goods from a shop, buyer, client, consumer, purchaser. focus n. centre of activity or interest. We ask the question "Is everything that I am doing right now getting us closer to what the customer and company want to achieve?".

Profitability: n. gainful, rewarding, advantageous, beneficial. Connect Global look to add value to the bottom line of our customers and in turn will be able to offer a secure environment for staff, stakeholders and community in the form of future investment and growth.

Fun: n. amusement, enjoyment, gaiety, glee, jollity.
At Connect Global we look to encourage a fun environment within the office and just as importantly a balance in life and time-out for one’s self and family.