Our People

Wellington entrepreneurs Siuai Fiso and Serena Fiso are the brains and drive behind Connect Global, a successful outsourcing contact centre business with offices in Porirua, Ruatoria and Waverley.

Siuai Fiso - Executive Director

Siuai PBA round

“Knowing your objective and excellence in planning will achieve the end result,” is sound advice from a man who, with his wife, has built a successful company from the ground up. Prior to setting up Connect Global, Siuai's background has been in the IT industry, using proven methodologies and tools, he looks to assist clients in making technology the enabler without substituting or sacrificing the human factor.

Having dealt with clients from a broad industry sector including Telecommunications, Legal, Financial and Insurance Services, Government, Corporate and SME market, Siuai has a natural passion for people and prides himself on taking ownership through to conclusion and the expertise to assist customers in utilising technology to enhance and improve efficiencies

Siuai is also a Director of Diligence Limited and a Trustee of Partners Porirua.

Serena Fiso - CEO


Serena PBA round

"My passion has always been in seeking opportunities to develop and work with people to achieve their full potential, to set a new norm and expectation of who they can be".  Contact Centre's are the perfect vehicle to achieve this.  We have the ability to take people in with little or no experience or qualifications and build them into top performing sales, customer service, administration, marketing specialist and then great leaders.  Gaining foundational skills and knowledge for a range of products and industries, all of this is transferrable skills to lead them on to a successful career and contributor to our communities.  Our people will be what ever we tell them they can be ... they will meet the expectations that others set for them.  I choose to set high expectations because they can. 

Serena is also a board member for Porirua Chamber of Commerce